This is the script for "Tricks and Treats", the first half of the season finale (episode 26) to Season 1 of the Groovy Girls TV Show and the show's first-ever Halloween special.


  • (The episode opens at Glitzville Mall. The Groovy Girls are walking towards Mod Threadz.)
  • Reese: You know, I LOVE the Glitzville Mall, but at the same time, there's something that really bugs me about it.
  • Gwen: And what could that be?
  • Reese: When's the last time you saw a new store open up in the mall?
  • O'Ryan: Uh...remember when Glitz and Glam first opened?
  • Gwen, Reese, and Vanessa: THAT WAS TWO YEARS AGO!
  • Yvette: Oh Reese?!
  • Reese: What is it, Yvette?
  • Yvette: Look at this! (Costume Couture is shown, as bats fly out of the store and an organ riff plays.)
  • Reese: Finally, a new store!
  • Oki: Costume Couture? Isn't that...that seasonal store that closes on the day after Halloween?
  • Reese: But still!
  • Gwen: It's perfect! Halloween is really soon, and we need costumes, don't we?
  • O'Ryan: Let's go!
  • (The girls enter Costume Couture and are astounded by all the costumes they see. Costumes cover the store, wall-to-wall.)
  • Yvette: That's a LOT of costumes. How are we ever going to choose?

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