Not to be confused with Amelina.

Year 2013
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, strawberry blonde hair
Name meaning Industrious

Amelia is one of the limited-edition 15th anniversary party-themed Groovy Girls from 2013.


Amelia has two-tone, strawberry-blonde hair in a ponytail with a blue flower clip. Her eyes are blue. Amelia's dress has blue sleeves and a big orange flower on its yellow-orange top. Her dress has a blue skirt with yellow, blue, and pink flowers, as well as orange ruffles. Amelia wears silver earrings, green tights and pink shoes.

Name MeaningEdit

German, "industrious"


  • Amelia's Manhattan Toy description claims that "Amelia is a total flower girl. She loves every flower and loves to dress in colorful outfits that remind her of the flowers she loves!"

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