Boogie Down
Boogie down
Year 2007
Type Groovy Gear
Number of Pieces 4

Boogie Down is a Groovy Gear clothing pack from 2007.


The green wetsuit has a flower that has petals patterned the same way as Rayannah's dress and a pink center, a collar patterned the same way, a mint green left leg and right arm, an orange right leg and a pink left arm. The swim goggles are pink with orange lenses. The boogie board is patterned the same way as 2006 Oki's shirt and 2006 O'Ryan's shoes. The set also includes an orange towel with a Groovy Girls logo appliqué on it.

Name MeaningEdit

A 1973 song by Eddie Kendricks, selected as the name of the outfit because it has a boogie board.

Also a 1983 song by Al Jarreau.


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