Year 2014
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, hazel eyes
Name meaning Strength, power, force

Not to be confused with Brenna or Brynna.

Breanna is a 2014 Groovy Girl with 90s clothes.


Dark-skinned Breanna is proud to have hazel eyes, brown hair streaked purple, and a funky fashion sense. She wears her curly hair in a ponytail. Her 1990s-inspired outfit consists of a tank top with green, blue, and yellow designs as well as purple ruffles. She wears a green miniskirt and yellow and turquoise dolly shoes.

Name MeaningEdit

Celtic "strength, power, force"


  • Breanna is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Brenna on websites. The two are totally different characters.
    • Some Breanna dolls have been spotted with "Brenna" tags.

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