Cartoon Crisis is the June 2006 Groovy Girls TV Show webisode. It aired as a Nick Extra beginning in November 2006. It is 8 minutes long in total.


It's "Cartoon Night" on GTV, and what could be a simple sleepover turns into a big fight about TV shows.



  • [The episode begins at a sleepover at Gwen's house, where Gwen hears her doorbell ring. Reese is at the door, with a TV Guide in one hand and a huge smile on her face.]
  • Gwen: Reese? You look even more excited than usual...
  • Reese: Look, look! [Opens up her TV Guide and points at the listings] It's Cartoon Night on GTV tonight, and at 5, they're showing Joey Finkleberry for a FULL HOUR! Exciting, huh?!
  • Gwen: [sarcastically] Uh, yeah. Exciting. Can I see that? [Reese hands her the TV guide] Thank you. [Gwen opens the TV guide, looks at the listings, and gasps at the listings] Reese! Power Pixies is on at 7! Joey Finkleberry is too gross for me. I say we watch Power Pixies tonight! It's got compelling story lines, action, and positive female role models!
  • Reese: Power Pixies? I can't stand that show! That Julianna character is a perfect Mary-Sue who could do no wrong. And those "compelling storylines" make no sense if you've missed an episode! Heck, I only saw 2 episodes and I don't understand what the show's about!
  • Gwen: Excuse me?! The characters on Power Pixies are well-developed. All the characters from Joey Finkleberry do is crack fart jokes and laugh about people saying "but" (butt).
  • Reese: I say we ask Vanessa, Yvette and O'Ryan.
  • [Cut to the sofa, where Vanessa, Yvette and O'Ryan are sitting next to each other and stating their opinions.]
  • Vanessa: I'm cool with either. I like both shows.
  • Reese: That didn't help at all. Yvette?
  • Yvette: While I also like both Joey Finkleberry and Power Pixies, I'd rather watch Heartbreak High...[hearts begin to float around her head as "Heartbreak High..." echoes and she gives a swooning sigh]...Oh,'re my TV crush forever and ever...
  • Gwen: I love that show!
  • Reese: Yeah, let's watch Heartbreak High!
  • Yvette: Too bad it's only on on Tuesdays. [Everyone sighs] Can't we just watch both Joey Finkleberry AND Power Pixies?!
  • Gwen and Reese: [angered, in unison] NO!
  • Gwen: You see, in between Power Pixies and Joey Finkleberry, they're airing an hour of Super Mega Samurai Bots. [blows a raspberry in regards to Super Mega Samurai Bots]
  • Reese: That show is so violent and boyish. I don't want to sit through that!
  • O'Ryan: How about we don't watch any of those shows and just watch Subway Sue?!
  • Reese: Uh...what's Subway Sue?
  • Gwen: You don't know Subway Sue?! The show that ruined my childhood with its snooze-fest narrator, awful voice acting, and obvious plots?!
  • [Cut to a clip of Subway Sue]
  • Boring Narrator: Oh no. Oliver has to carry that big, heavy bag of groceries. [Train horn sound effect]
  • Subway Sue: Here I come!
  • Boring Narrator: It's Subway Sue.
  • Oliver: Hooray! I knew you'd come on time, Sue! [Sue's door opens]
  • Boring Narrator: Subway Sue is opening her door. [Oliver enters the train] Oliver can put his groceries down now. [Oliver puts his groceries down]
  • Oliver: Oh, what a relief!
  • Subway Sue: Here we go!
  • Boring Narrator: Oliver loves to travel through the city with Subway Sue.
  • Oliver: I love to travel through the city with Subway Sue! [He laughs with Sue as the clip ends and O'Ryan shuts the TV off]
  • Yvette: Wow, Oliver looked so cute for an animated guy in that episode...Oh, what am I saying?
  • Reese: I DID NOT need to see that.
  • O'Ryan: Come on. It reminds me of simpler times!
  • Gwen: Thank goodness we're going to watch Power Pixies tonight. They're airing the FIRST TWO EPISODES EVER MADE tonight. That way, Reese, you'll understand the show...somewhat.
  • Reese: Nah, I'd rather take Joey Finkleberry anyway. Power Pixies is boring, overrated, and just plain lame.
  • Gwen: Joey Finkleberry is more boring! I mean, you can't sit through an episode without Joey and his idiotic best friend Dwayne getting themselves to pull each other's fingers while laughing like this: [does a "huh-huh-huh" laugh like dumb characters in fiction]
  • Reese:'S NOT how they LAUGH! [Gwen does the laugh again] Ugh. [in a "diva girl" voice] Power Pixies! We saved the day, like, again! We're sooooo flawless. Nothing can stop us!
  • Vanessa: That sounds kinda like Angelique.
  • Reese: See?! Vanessa agrees. The Power Pixies are little-miss-perfect Angeliques disguised as superheroes with sparkly fairy wings. At least Joey and Dwayne have flaws.
  • O'Ryan: Enough with the arguing! Let's just watch Subway Sue!
  • Reese: Like that baby show's any better than Power Poopies.
  • Gwen: I'd honestly rather watch Subway Sue than Joey Tinkleberry.
  • O'Ryan: Thank you!
  • Gwen: Yeah, it's not like the emotionless voice cast on Subway Sue is any better than all that dumb grossness.
  • O'Ryan: Emotionless?! Subway Sue isn't just Oliver's best friend! She's everyone's best friend! It's just like track #15 on the Subway Sue CD says...[starts to sing] Sub-
  • Reese: I don't want to hear it.
  • Gwen: Ya know why we're going to watch Power Pixies tonight? I'm a bigger fan of Power Pixies than you two are fans of your favorite shows! [Leaves the room, then comes out in a Power Pixies T-shirt, a pair of pretend fairy wings, and holds a box of Power Pixies merchandise]
  • O'Ryan: I've been a member of the Subway Sue Buddies Fan Club ever since I was four. I even have every issue of Subway Sue Magazine - even the ones from before I was even born! [Takes out a few issues of the magazine] Beat that!
  • Reese: I may not have any Joey Finkleberry stuff, but does that matter? He lives on in my heart forever!
  • Gwen: [angered] That makes there be one less reason for us to watch Joey Finkleberry!
  • O'Ryan: [angered] If we don't watch Subway Sue, I'm...[thinking of an excuse, quietly]...uh...Actually, I don't know what I'm going to do [snaps back into an aggressive tone] but there will be consequences!
  • Vanessa: Um, guys...
  • Reese: [angered even more than Gwen and O'Ryan] Just give Joey Finkleberry a chance! Not every episode has gross jokes, you know!
  • Yvette: Will you please stop?!
  • Gwen: [yelling] Power Pixies!
  • O'Ryan: [yelling] Subway Sue!
  • Reese: [yelling] Joey Finkleberry!
  • [Gwen's doorbell rings, and Mrs. Bridges answers the door. It's Oki.]
  • Oki: Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!
  • Gwen: [scowls at Reese] Power Pixies!
  • Reese: [hits Gwen with a pillow, playfully] Joey Finkleberry!
  • O'Ryan: [hits both Gwen and Reese with pillows] Subway Sue!
  • Oki: [whispering to Vanessa and Yvette] What are they doing...?
  • Yvette: [whispering to Oki] They're fighting over what TV show to watch.
  • Oki: Oh no...What shows?
  • Gwen: [angered] POWER PIXIES!
  • Oki: Ehh...
  • Reese: [through clenched teeth] JOEY FINKLEBERRY!
  • Oki: Ew, that show is so gross and weird.
  • O'Ryan: [yelling] SUBWAY SUE!!
  • Oki: Ick, why does she like that show about trains with eerily realistic faces?! Besides, I know a better show. [To the other Groovy Girls] Guys! [Suddenly, all the madness stops]
  • Gwen: What's up, Oki?
  • Oki: [picks Reese's TV Guide up from off the couch and checks the listings] I've got the solution for this cartoon crisis. Channel 210 is airing a marathon of my favorite show, Eric and Matt, from 5 to 8. You like that show, right?
  • Yvette: Eric and Matt?! The show with the boys who are almost as cute as Nate from Heartbreak High?
  • Reese: And the show that's as funny as Joey Finkleberry?!
  • Oki: Sounds like it.
  • Gwen: I say we watch Eric and Matt. After all, Matt's girlfriend Amy is almost as positive of a female role model as the Power Pixies...
  • O'Ryan: I love Eric and Matt as much as I love Subway Sue! And you know how much I LOOOOVE Subway Sue!
  • Vanessa: Then I guess it's official!
  • Gwen: Eric and Matt it is.
  • Oki: You got it!
  • [Cut to the Groovy Girls watching some Eric and Matt on TV]
  • Eric and Matt clip script TBA
  • O'Ryan: I'd rather watch Subway Sue...
  • [The Groovy Girls all groan, O'Ryan giggles, and the webisode ends.]


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