Cyber Station
Year 2007
Type Mini Accessories
Number of Pieces 2

The Cyber Station is an accessory for Groovy Girls Minis, made in 2007.


Log on to fun with the Cyber Station! Your Mini Groovy Girls now have a cool computer to call their own so they can surf the web in style! Also, they have a comfy seat to sit in so browsing is a breeze.


  1. Pink and purple chair with purple accents on the seat
  2. Blue and green desk with purple legs that have orange accents. A computer with a pink keyboard and pink and purple monitor is on the desk. On the screen is an orange background, the Groovy Girls logo, as well as Ayanna and Angelique. The computer has a yellow mouse to match the yellow keys on the keyboard.


  • The computer screen depicts Ayanna and Angelique on it, hinting at the TV show episode "Cyber Girls" where Ayanna and Angelique create a website.
  • The desk and computer appear in Gwen's Mod Pod on the TV show.

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