Dani Dragonfly
Year 2011
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Deep peach skin, blue hair
Name meaning My judge

Dani Dragonfly is a Flutterflies Special Edition Dreamtastic doll from 2011.


Dani is a dragonfly-themed beauty with green eyes and pierced ears that have blue earrings. She has green and blue hair worn in full pigtails with green holders, too. Her mod outfit consists of a green dress with a green collar that has orange and darker green "disco dots", a green top, and a green skirt with darker green sections. Green dragonfly wings are on the back of the dress. She also wears a blue belt with a leaf-shaped green buckle. Green tights adorn Dani's legs, and a pair of blue and darker blue mod-patterned flats are worn on her feet.

Name meaningEdit

  • English, "my judge"

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