Year 2003
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, brown hair
Name meaning The dark one

Darci is a Groovy Girl released in 2003. She has had 2 voice actresses on the show: initially she was voiced by Chiara Zanni but Annick Obonsawin took over for her.

Personality on the Show Edit

Darci appears on the show in many episodes, but does not have a major role - she usually only shows up as a background character at the mall or in school. Apparently she is in Mr. Goodwin's class. She was a member of Angelique's "Radical Girls," representing both the "D" and the "I" in "RADICAL."

Appearance Edit

Darci has brown hair with lighter brown streaks in it as well as bangs. She wears a purple tank dress with a fluffy red collar. There is also a vermillion stripe in the middle of her dress and a blue butterfly on the dress. Darci also has lavender leggings with pink peace signs on them. She also has pink sneakers. Her face is the same as Angelique's.

Name Meaning Edit

Irish, "the dark one"

French, "from Arcy"