Deck The Halls Dessa
Year 2013
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Wandering

Deck The Halls Dessa was a Limited Edition Christmas Groovy Girl in 2013, released alongside Holiday Wishes Hadley.


Deck The Halls Dessa decks herself out as much as she decks the halls - she's even got red and green streaks in her ponytailed, short, and curly blonde hair! This green-eyed girl wears a mainly red dress with a green neck strap and gold chest area, as well as a white collar and white belt with a green flower. White patterns, a gold trim, and green/white striped lacy frills adorn her dress's skirt. Dessa also wears a pair of green and white striped tights and gold shoes. She also wears silver earrings.

Name meaningEdit

Latin, "wandering"


  • Deck The Halls is a traditional Welsh Christmas carol.