This is a Groovy Girls TV Show webisode centering on O'Ryan, who's a spy for the day.

Plot Edit

The webisode begins at school, where O'Ryan is hiding in the bushes on the field at recess. She's spying on Angelique and Ayanna, who are picking on Daphne and Danika, asking where Daphne's translator (Brenna) is and forcing Danika to do an extremely hard gymnastics stunt. O'Ryan wants to know exactly why Angelique and Ayanna pick on the other students, so she tells the other Groovy Girls that for the day, she is a spy nicknamed "Double O'Ryan". She shows the other Groovy Girls a plan she has - she wants them to help her spy on the popular girls. So, with each Groovy Girl, armed with a Walkie-talkie, a notebook, and a different spy gadget, hiding somewhere where Angelique and Ayanna would be, O'Ryan hopes she can find out the true scoop on Angelique and Ayanna.


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