Not to be confused with the real character Ailene.

She is a Pastel Dreamer and candy girl.

Personality Edit

Eileen's passion is confectionary, the art of making candy. She loves eating candy so much, that she wanted to learn how to make her own, and now, she currently spends her time making candy for herself and for all her friends. She's very extroverted, outgoing, and always wants to make new friends. She's also rather energetic and seems to always be on some sort of a sugar high.

She lives in Anderson, South Carolina.

Appearance Edit

Eileen has light-colored skin and straight, long reddish-brown (auburn) hair complete with mint green streaks in it worn in a high ponytail with a braid encircling the top of it. She has light brown eyes and wears pastel blue glasses, as well as heart-shaped pastel pink and purple earrings.

Eileen wears a casual outfit consisting of a boxy, cropped sweater in pastel yellow worn over a white tank top with a pattern of various pastel-colored candies. She wears a pair of pastel pink, pastel blue, and pastel yellow wide-striped leggings with a pair of mint green ballet flats on her feet.

Etymology Edit

See Ailene.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite Fairy-Kei brand is called Twinkle Treat.

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