Eunice is a 2016 fan-created doll by Hoppe-San. She came from the line Pastel Dreams, a fan-made line of dolls.

Personality Edit

True to her name, Eunice is cheerful and optimistic. She likes Fairy Kei and regularly wears items from her favorite brand, Sugary Sweets.

She lives in Troy, Michigan.

Appearance Edit

Eunice has light-colored skin and dark brown hair worn in a low messy bun. She has brown eyes and wears purple glasses.

Her casual outfit, like most of the dolls in the Groovy Girls doll line, is retro-inspired. She wears a pastel pink long-sleeved shirt under a lavender tee-shirt that has a galaxy-themed print on it. She also wears a purple ruffly skirt and, underneath, black tights.

Etymology Edit

Eunice (Greek): happy, victorious

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first Pastel Dreams doll created.

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