Forever Friends Backpack
Forever friends
Year 2005
Type Merchandise; girl-size backpack
Number of Pieces 3

The Forever Friends Backpack was made in 2005.


This backpack is perfect for carrying your Groovy Girl with you on the go. It's also the perfect size for carrying all of your school supplies, so you can keep both on you in style!


The backpack has four panels on its design - one small green panel, one blue panel with lighter blue flowers, one green panel with the smiling faces of the Main 6 girls on it, and one pink panel with orange flowers and a pocket to match. The blue panel also has a pink heart with the phrase "Friends Forever" on it in orange.

Straps are attached to the front of the bag to carry one Groovy Girl. A cardboard Talli cutout is included as a placeholder.

It comes with two keychains - a pink wallet with orange flowers and a miniature Gwen keychain.

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