The Glitzville Mall is the coolest hangout in Glitzville. Gwen and her buds often go here to shop, eat, and chill!


On the outside, the Glitzville Mall is bright and colorful, with a tan, aqua-blue, and orange design. Inside, it is decorated in various shades of blue and purple. Here, you can find shops down every hallway. The mall has, as Gwen puts it, "two floors of awesome stores"!

A beautiful, big water fountain is located in the center of the bottom floor.

Known StoresEdit

  • Mod Threadz
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • A food court with various places to eat like Chinese food, a burger joint, Cajun cuisine and Mexican food
  • Totally Toys
  • Gamer Heaven (Blake's absolute favorite store)
  • Sk8 4ever (a skateboarding shop)
  • The Great Magnifico's Magic Shop
  • Costume Couture (a seasonal Halloween shop)
  • Furniture (only the name was revealed)
  • Glitz & Glam! (only the name was revealed)
  • Supernova (only the name was revealed)
  • Deals 'N' Steals (only the name was revealed)
  • Santa's Secrets (a seasonal Christmas shop)
  • Vivian's Attic (a "frumpy old people clothes" store)
  • Looks (a huge department store)
  • Arcade


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