This is the Groovy Girls TV Show's second soundtrack, from 2008. It features the Main 6, A girls, B girls, and Groovy Boys singing hit songs from the era.

Songs List Edit

1. "Get The Party Started" - Everyone (originally by P!nk, 2001)

2. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen (originally by Gwen Stefani, 2006)

3. "Breakaway" - Reese (originally by Kelly Clarkson, 2004)

4. "Glamorous" - Oki (originally by Fergie, 2006)

5. "Clumsy" - O'Ryan (originally by Fergie, 2007)

6. "A Thousand Miles" - Vanessa (originally by Vanessa Carlton, 2002)

7. "Crazy in Love" - Yvette (originally by Beyonce, 2003)

8. "Bubbly" - B Girls (originally by Colbie Callait, 2007)

9. "Lip Gloss" - Ayanna and Angelique (originally by Lil Mama, 2007)

10. "Bad Day" - Kyle, Sean, and Brandon (originally by Daniel Powter, 2006)

11. "Unwritten" - the Main 6 (originally by Natasha Bedingfield, 2005)

12. "Big Girls Don't Cry" - Ailene (originally by Fergie, 2007)

13. "Love Like This" - Gwen and Kyle (originally by Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston, 2007)

14. "Hey Ya!" - Blake and Dylan (originally by OutKast, 2003)

15. "Sk8er Boi" - Vanessa (originally by Avril Lavigne, 2002)

16. "These Words" - Britta (originally by Natasha Bedingfield, 2005)

17. "Who Knew" - A Girls (originally by P!nk, 2007)

18. "The Great Escape" - All groovy boys (originally by Boys like Girls, 2006)

19. "Don't Stop The Music" - All groovy girls (originally by Rihanna, 2007)

20. "Since U Been Gone" - Everyone (originally by Kelly Clarkson, 2005)

Trivia Edit

Inappropriate lyrics and bad words in the songs are changed to make them appropriate for kids, a la Kidz Bop.

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