This is a November 2008-2015 web series produced by Manhattan Toy as a follow-up to the Groovy Girls TV Show, as the Main 6 have the same personalities and voices as in the show. There are new characters every year, i.e. RSVPs. Every episode is an average of 30 minutes long as the GROOVY crew acts out a children's musical or puts on a concert. The episodes are split up into 3 parts online. The theme song is "Groovy Express Remix" (originally a Groovy girl TV show single for CD and MP3/MP4 to promote the Nicktoon.)

New CharactersEdit

Lakinzie-Nika Futterman (in "Belle Pepper" voice)

Libbi-Kari Wahlgren (in "Sister Susie" voice)

Linae-Athena Karkanis

Amelia-Grey DeLisle

Lycia-EG Daily

Latasha-Chiara Zanni

Katrina-Annie Mumolo

Gabriella-Hynden Walch (in "Starfire" voice)



1. Dancing Shoes-A collection of 12 seasonal activity songs. Songs are "Dancing Shoes," "Moving to the Music," "Groundhog Hop," "Pumpkin Parade," "School's Out," "Moving on up," "Jingle Bell Boogie," "Winter Wipeout," "Digging a Jig for Spring," "We Are Marching," "Leap year" and "Spring Forward, Fall Back." Aired November 2008, stars RSVPs.

2. On The Radio-Sing along with the Groovy Chorus as they perform a collection of 5 classic tunes. Includes "Hound Dog," "Get Down Tonight," "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band," and "Ain't We Got Fun?"

3. Get Moving-Do a little softshoe, bring your knees to your nose, and more in this action-packed concert. Features "This and That," "Thanks," "Music," "Thump-Thump-Thump," and "Look How Far We've Come."

4. Lights, Camera, Action!-Let's go to Hollywood with our groovy girlfriends! Features "Footloose," "Candyman," "Best Day of Our Lives," "I'm a Believer," "Hot Chocolate," and "Beyond the Sea."

5. You Rock!-You rock when you're compassionate, honest and polite. Find your own pair of "goody two-shoes" that make you feel good from head to toe in this rocking concert. Features "You Rock," "3 Little Words," "Goody Two-Shoes," "The Listen Bug," "Brush your Teeth" and "Feelings in My heart."

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