This is a collection of CDs by Razor and Tie and Hal Leonard, subtitled "From Broadway to Bubblegum, From Ballads to Boogie." (for Fun Club CDs) and "Party Songs and More!" (for Groovy Show CDs)

CDs Edit

Fun Club Vol. 1 (2001, sung by the 2000 J and 2001 S Groovy kids) Edit

1. Groovy Express-all dolls

2. It's a Melody-S Girls

3. Rhythm of the Heart-S Kids

4. Harmony-S Kids

5. Jolly Jingle Bells-2000 J Kids (Up on the Housetop, Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Jingle Bells)

6. If I Could Vote-Jordan

7. Childhood-Samuel and Jarrett

8. The Recycle Rap-J and S Boys

9. Song of the Beach-Jada, Janisse, and Jacinda

10. Great New Day-J and S Girls

11. My Teacher-Josie

12. Let's Sing, America!-Solana, Siri, Jayna, Sean, and Jackson (This is 3 songs in 1: "Coming Around the Mountain", "Grand Old Flag," and "The Saints Go Marching In.")

13. Booker T.-Samuel

14. Flying Higher-Jarett and Jacinda

15. Go, Nellie!-Janisse (as Nellie Bly) and everyone else

16. I See With My Heart-Jayna

17. Jesse-Jackson and Josie

18. Chinese New Year Song-Jada

19. The Wren Rhyme-Sidra

20. Think-J and S Girls (guest starring Jackson as "Einstein")

21. December Nights, December Lights-sung by James and the Groovy kids' chorus

Fun Club Volume 2 (sung by 2001 S Kids and K Kids, released 2002) Edit

1. Express Yourself- K Kids

2. Music and Me-S Kids

3. Child of the World-S Boys

4. Got Form?-Samuel and the S Girls

5. Watch that Tone In Your Voice!-K Girls

6. The Best That I Can Be-S Girls

7. Dream a Dream-Kayla and Kyle

8. Cheer Up-Sean and Sesilia

9. Heroes All-K Boys

10. We Need to Read-All Dolls

11. Call Me-Kinzey

12. Check It Out (It's About Respect)-Kayla

13. Sound of the Gong-Shika

14. I'll Care-Kami

15. Swing Machine-Sidra

16. Take The Candy and Run-Sasha

17. Wintertime is Here-Sesilia

18. Shine-Siri

19. It's Up To Me-Samuel

20. Mayday Carol-Karly

21. Honesty-Kyle

The Groovy Show, Volume 1 (sung by 2002 V and T Girls, Kali, Krista and 2003 Kids, Released 2003) Edit

1. My Halloween B-A-G-Kali and Krista

2. The Music Connection-T Girls

3. The Music Bus-V Girls

4. Sing On, Dance On!-Talli

5. Valentine Boogie-Trini

6. Christmas Sock Rock-Kali

7. Triple Play-Daphne and Danika

9. A New Year's Rap-Verity

10. Follow Your Dream-Vanessa

11. Get Up and Dance-Victoria

12. It's the Rhythm-Krista

13. Fun in the Sun-Bindi

14. We Remember-C Girls

15. One More Candle-Darci

16. Chasing Shadows-Brenna

17. We Live the Dream-B Girls

18. Get America Singing-Everyone

19. My Friend Tom-Tomiko

20. Hop, Chirp, Moo! Oh, Happy Springtime Day!-Britta

21. Let's Go Skating-D, B and C Girls

The Groovy Show Volume 2 (sung by 2003 kids and 2004 girls, released 2004) Edit

1. Pony in the Pumpkin Patch-Willow

2. All Aboard for Broadway-H Girls

3. Spirit of America-Blake and Bindi

4. Making Music All Day Long-Hadlee

5. Harvest Jamboree-Willow

6. When We Work Together-Ailene

7. Barnyard Baseball-Blake

8. We Are All Irish Today-A Girls

9. Everybody Say Peace-Angelique

10. Hallelujah, Get on Board!-Helena

11. My Town, My World-Harper

12. Dancing at the Snow Ball-Noella

13. Gypsy in the Moonlight-Bindi

14. Reach for the Rainbow-Brenna

15. I love the Snow-Noella

16. Go, Go, Go Guitars-Britta

17. Hitsville, USA-Ayanna

18. Tis the Season Once Again-Noella

19. That's Why They Call it Country-Brandon

20. It's American As Rock and Roll-All Everyday Dolls

21. Destination America-All 2004 Girls

22. We Want to Make Music-B Girls and C Girls

23. Share the Good Gifts-Blake and Brandon

24. Wiggly Giggly Dickery Doo-B Girls


Their voices are the same as in the Groovy Girls TV shows.