This is a gross comedy cartoon. It takes cues from 90's Nicktoons like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, CatDog, and Rocko's Modern Life. As shown in "Cartoon Crisis", it is Reese's favorite show. The other Groovy Girls all somewhat enjoy it, except for Gwen. She thinks it's immature, disgusting, and unfunny.


Only two characters are known.

  • Joey Finkleberry-The titular character of the show, and a young, skinny and tall boy with blonde hair, a green shirt, and a pair of brown pants as well as black sneakers. The only thing that's really known about him is that he finds humor in everything.
  • Dwayne-Joey's short, chubby, redhead best friend who is a complete idiot. He wears a blue and red shirt with jeans and red sneakers.

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