Year 2016
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, brown hair
Name meaning Young

Julia is a Candy Club Groovy Girl from 2016, produced alongside Lolly and Brynna.


Julia loves candy so much that she joined the Candy Club! But, there's one candy she holds close to her heart - jelly beans. Julia loves jelly beans so much, that her blue dress is decorated with a pink, white, yellow and red jelly bean pattern! She wears blue tights and yellow flats as well as a pink headband with a flower in her brown hair. Julia also has brown eyes.

Name meaningEdit

Latin, "youthful"


  • Julia and Lola are the first Groovy Girls since the 2006 Vanessa to lack streaks in their hair.
  • She is the only Candy Club member with a hair accessory.

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