Year 2005
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color dark skin, black hair
Name meaning Shining upon man

Kassi is one of the swimsuit-clad Groovy Girls (and boy) first produced in 2005. Cree Summer voices her on the show.

Personality on the ShowEdit

Kassi is one of Kylee's best friends. Kassi is the most tomboyish of the group, and she loves volleyball just like Kylee. She is a team player who is determined and athletic.


Kassi is African-American with curly black hair in pigtails. Her hair has an orange flower in it and pink streaks. She wears a halter bathing suit (dress) which has a green strap and a magenta rose on its orange belt. The dress is purple with green leaves and white hibiscus flowers on it. Kassi is barefoot since she is in a light bathing suit-dress.

Name MeaningEdit

Greek, "shining upon man"



  • Like her precursor Kali, the soles of Kassi's feet are the same color as the rest of her skin, which is unrealistic.

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