Like, where did you get that top? I, like, TOTALLY want it.


Year 2001
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, black hair
Name meaning See below

Kendra is a Groovy Girl introduced in late 2001. On the show, Candi Milo provides her voice.

Personality in the Show Edit

Kendra is a student in Mr. Goodwin's class and a total diva. She talks like a Valley Girl, and is not afraid to pepper her speech with phrases like "like, totally" and "whatever." Her absolute favorite color is pink. She often appears as a background character and can be found at the diner, shopping at Mod Threadz, or just hanging at the beach.

Appearance Edit

Kendra has tan skin, shoulder-length black hair, a denim skirt with pink pockets, a leopard-print pink tank top, stockings colored lilac with pink and purple ovals on them, and orange sneakers with pink accents.

Name Meaning Edit

Japanese, "concrete, cement"

Hindi, "center of the circle"


  • She is similar personality-wise to Francine from Fanboy and Chum Chum, even down to the characters having the same voice done by Candi Milo.