This was released in 2013 after a petition to create a 3rd Kideosyncrasy kids' dance workout DVD.

Description Edit

Hosted by the 6 live-action Groovy Girls, Maren (played by Gabriella from Bella Dancerella), Marissa, Gabrielle, Katrina, Amelia and Myla (played by Jessica Diaz who plays Little Bo Peep on Mother Goose Club), this dance and sing along video starts with a warm up, then segues into several vintage (50s-90s) oldies, then they cool down. The dances range in style from rock to sideline cheerleading.

Songs Edit

Warm-Up (late '80's-early '90's synth pop)

Rock Around the Clock (50s rock)

I'm a Soul Man (60s Rock)

Shake Your Body Down to the GRound (70s Disco)

Material Girl (80s Cheerleading with spins)

Ice Ice Baby (90s hip-hop)

Cool-down (2000's-style acoustic instrumental pop)

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