Year 2005
Gender Boy
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Little dark one

Kieran is a Groovy Boy made in 2005. In the Groovy Girls TV Show, Greg Cipes did his voice. He is one of the four beach-themed dolls made in 2005, released alongside Kylee, Kassi, and Kenna.

Personality on the showEdit

Kieran is a popular "surfer dude" with a chilled-out, laid-back attitude. This boy is a pal of Kyle and Brandon, but the problem is he's also a friend of Dylan...

Kieran was a recurring character, appearing first in "Summer Surprise".


Kieran has blonde, curly short hair and wears an open, mint green shirt with darker green stripes. He also wears gray swim goggles and green swim trunks with flowers on them. He has bare feet due to being always in a swimsuit.

His mini doll has a solid blue shirt instead.

Name MeaningEdit

Irish, "little dark one"


  • The Zander mini doll is a recolor of his mini.


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