Year 2008
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Daughter of the fair man

Lakinzie is an immensely-popular Groovy Girl from the 2008 RSVP doll line. She was later re-released as a non-RSVP, "Special Edition" doll in around 2010, when the RSVP line was discontinued.

Appearance Edit

Lakinzie is a total party girl! She is dressed to impress in that dress of hers with a green furry trim and a pink top. The skirt of her dress is green with a purple, orange, and pink floral/circle pattern. Her hair is blonde, curly, and fabulous with purple and pink streaks. Her colored eyes are purple. Lakinzie wears orange tights with pink polka dots and ballet-slipper-esque shoes that are purple. The ribbons are green. Pink stud earrings are the icing on the cake to her party ensemble.

Name Meaning Edit

See Kinzey.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the now-defunct, she loves to design clothes.
    • That same website claimed Lakinzie's favorite color is purple, her favorite animals are horses, and that she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
      • These facts are still present in her Amazon description.
  • Some Lakinzie dolls come with purple leopard-print purses.
  • Like Starletta and Lana Ladybug, her outfit was made into a Darling Dramatics dress-up costume for little girls.
    • She is the only doll who isn't a Dreamtastic whose outfit was made into a Darling Dramatic outfit.
  • She, Ailene, Gwen, Cicely, Carissa, Celeste and Angelique are the few Groovy Girls known to have mascot suits made resembling them.


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