Year 2016
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, black hair
Name meaning A flower

Not to be confused with Lilly & Parfait or Lolly.

Lily is a Groovy Girl from 2016.


Lily shows off her artistic style in a white t-shirt with an apron-like white dress with colorful dabs of red, aqua, indigo, blue, pink, and yellow making up its pattern and a pair of yellow shoes. She also has a pink wristband on her left wrist. This black-haired and blue-eyed girl wears her brown-streaked hair in two high pigtails.

Name meaningEdit

English word name. A type of flower.


  • The pattern on her dress resembles the clothing sold at Desigual, a Spanish clothing store with U.S. locations in upscale areas and shopping malls.

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