Merry Marissa
Year 2014
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning of the sea

For other characters named Marissa, see Marissa (disambiguation).

Merry Marissa was the Limited Edition Christmas Groovy Girl in 2014.


Merry Marissa is ready for her Christmas party debut, as she's decked out in a red dress with darker red, green, and white circles with snowflake designs in their centers. Her dress also features a white fur collar and a green silky/lace trim. Marissa also wears red and green polka-dot tights and silver shoes. She also carries a white bag with a red doily print. In her blonde hair are a red hair ornament and green/red streaks. She has ice-blue eyes and wears red earrings.

Name meaningEdit

See Marissa.

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