Year 2013
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, brown hair
Name meaning Merciful

Myla is a 2013 Groovy Girl.


Myla is a tanned girl with brown hair. Her straight and long hair has pink streaks, and her eyes are purple. She wears a kooky-patterned orange and pink short-sleeve shirt with a green and white striped skirt. Myla's tights are lavender and her shoes are leopard print.

Name MeaningEdit

English, "merciful"


  • Myla bears a strangely striking appearance to the 2006 Yvette doll - both are tanned girls with brown, medium-length hair that has magenta streaks.
  • Jessica Diaz played her in the Kideosyncrasy Volume 3-Kids Sweat to the Oldies! DVD. Jessica Diaz is known for portraying Little Bo Peep in the Mother Goose Club DVD and YouTube series also shown on select PBS stations.