Pastel Dreams is a 2016 fan created Groovy Girl doll line made by Hoppe-San. The characters featured here are wearing pastel-colored clothes that have a strong Fairy Kei influence.

Fairy Kei

If you don't know what Fairy Kei is, here are some girls wearing Fairy Kei-style clothes.

Dolls Edit

  • Eunice - Eunice is the 1st to be introduced, and is the space and galaxy-themed Groovy Girl. She is cheerful and has an immense love for anything cute or pastel-colored.
  • Emmalee (by WatermelonSunshine) - The second one in the series, Emmalee is dessert-themed. She is introverted, but loves cooking and gardening.
  • Eileen - The third one in the series, Eileen is an extrovert who is interested in the art of confectionary (candy-making). She is "candy pattern"-themed.
  • Ella - The fourth one in the series, Ella is animal-themed. She volunteers at an animal shelter and especially loves animals that are cute.
  • Eleanor - The fifth one in the series, Eleanor is party-themed. She is an expert at party-planning and is good at keeping secrets.
  • Esther - The sixth one in the series, Esther is fantasy-themed. She is a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic, who always has her head in the clouds.
  • Elizabeth - The seventh one in the series, Elizabeth is nautical-themed. She is an adventurous girl who loves trying new things.
  • Ebony - The eighth one in the series, Ebony is flower-themed. She is a sweet and soft-spoken girl with a sunny outlook on life.
  • Evanora - The ninth one in the series, Evanora is music-themed. She is a flirt who enjoys singing and playing violin.

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