Rah Rah Palooza
Year 2003
Type Groovy Xtravaganza
Number of Pieces 6

This is a cheerleader costume made in approximately 2003.


Included in the ensemble are two shirts - one long-sleeved aqua-blue shirt with a purple leopard-print collar and a purple tank top with lavender and silver/blue striped trim as well as a lavender letter "G" in the center. A pleated purple skirt with blue and silver striped trim is also included, as is a puffy aqua hair accessory of sorts. Silver pom-poms top off the cheerleader outfit.

Name MeaningEdit

Pun on "lollapalooza" and the cheerleader phrase "rah-rah"


  • Bindi wears this as her cheerleader outfit in the Groovy Girls TV Show and on the packaging of some Groovy Girls merchandise.
    • In "Mascot Madness", it is revealed that this outfit is actually the Glitzville school's cheerleader uniform.
  • The long-sleeved shirt resembles 2004 O'Ryan's top.

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