Razzle Dazzle is an upscale boutique located in the Glitzville Mall.


Razzle Dazzle is Angelique and Ayanna's absolute favorite store, and with good reason - everything here is fancy, fab...and overpriced. The clothing is mostly the same stuff Mod Threadz sells, but three times the price. And with extra glitter. And extra fancy embellishments. And rare fabrics that are almost as soft as Egyptian cotton. In other words, Razzle Dazzle is one of those fancy clothing stores where everything is over-the-top.

Gwen and her pals despise the store, but in the episode titled after it, they found cool clothing at Razzle Dazzle and liked it for a while. Although, this liking towards the store seemed to be only for the episode, as in later episodes beginning in Season 2, they are shown hating it again.

Known employeesEdit


  • According to Angelique, its name comes from the fact that the outfits sold here "are sure to razzle and dazzle anyone who sees them".
  • It is located on the second floor of the mall, an escalator ride away from Mod Threadz.

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