Ruby Mae
Ruby Mae
Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, red/brown hair
Name meaning A gemstone; pearl/kinswoman/there/bay

Ruby Mae is a Groovy Girl made in 2007.


Ruby Mae is a girl with two-tone brown and red hair in a wacky updo. She wears a 50's inspired outfit with a black top with a cherry print. A red trim decorates the top of her shirt. She also wears a denim pencil skirt and leopard-print shoes.

Name meaningEdit

  • Ruby: English, a word name (a ruby is a gemstone).
  • Mae: Anglo-Saxon, "kinswoman"; Greek, "pearl", Welsh, "there" or "bay"


  • Ruby Mae is the second character to have "Mae" as her middle name; Ellie Mae started the trend, and Bella Mae would follow in her lead.

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