This calming lullaby for Vanessa's little sister Shanelle was sung by Oki in Groovy Girls: The Summertime of our Lives!

The soft rock ballad-style tune is in the key of B major, and runs at a tempo of 90 BPM. The song uses a 6/8 time signature.

Lyrics Edit

  • (VERSE 1)
  • Oki: Rest your head and close your eyes,
  • Think of counting sheep,
  • Stop your crying - everything's OK,
  • Sleep, baby Shanelle, sleep!
  • (CHORUS)
  • Oki: Sleep, baby Shanelle, sleep;
  • Sleep, baby Shanelle, sleep;
  • Think of happy thoughts, and don't you weep;
  • Sleep, baby Shanelle, sleep!
  • (VERSE 2)
  • Sleep and dream of apple seeds
  • Don't make a peep,
  • Think of your onesie and pink booties,
  • Sleep, baby Shanelle, sleep!
  • (Repeat chorus)

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