Surf Stuff
Surf stuff
Year 2003
Type Groovy Xtravaganza
Number of Pieces 6

This is a surfer costume made in approximately 2003.


Included in the ensemble are an orange tank top with a white hibiscus flower on it and a pair of pink shorts with a white pattern of flower outlines. When your Groovy Girl is ready to hit the waves, she can be all set to go in her green, pink, blue glitter, and orange wetsuit with a blue collar. Also included are a pair of pink swim goggles, a green piece of jewelry that seems like a choker or a bracelet, and a surfboard. On the surfboard are the Groovy Girls logo and a scene depicting two hula girls surfing and playing ukuleles under the sunny blue sky. Palm trees are also in the background. One of the girls has strawberry-blonde red hair, a green surfboard, a purple hula skirt, a coconut bra, and a pink flower in her hair. The other girl is tanned with brown hair, a green surfboard as well, a coconut bra, a green hula skirt, and a pink flower in her hair as well. Both girls are barefoot.


  • Pilar, a 2007 doll, looks identical to the red-haired girl on the surfboard.
    • There is a possibility her design was inspired by the girl, as Pilar was released after Surf Stuff was.

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