Sylvie Starr
Year 2007
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning From the forest, star

Sylvie Starr is a 2007 Groovy Girl, made for the holidays as a Limited Edition character.


She has long and curly two-toned blonde hair in a partial ponytail, and wears a sparkly dress with a pink choker. The dress has a silver top, pink and gold stripe belt, and gold skirt. On the gold skirt is silver and pink trim. She wears gold shoes with sparkly pink pom poms. She also carries a bag which is silver with a pink strap.

Name MeaningEdit

Sylvie is a French name meaning "from the forest." Starr is a form of the word name Star.


  • Sylvie Starr and Snowflake Sophie are the only two Christmas Limited Edition Groovy Girls who do not explicitly have a Christmas theme going on with them.