Year 2010
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, red hair
Name meaning To reap, to gather

Tessa is a Groovy Girl from 2010.


Tessa is a fair-skinned girl with green eyes and red hair in partial pigtails with yellow ponytail holders. She shows off her kooky and cool style by wearing a pair of shorts with an orange bow and mismatched legs. Her left leg is yellow with red dots and her right leg is pink with smaller orange dots. She also has a pink tank top with yellow, white, and lighter pink stripes and orange straps. Her shoes are orange with pink leopard print, and she also wears pink tights.

Name MeaningEdit

Greek, "to gather or to reap"


  • She was the second character named Tessa, the first was Tessa Tannenbaum from 2006.

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