Founded in 2001 by Christopher "Big Dog" Davis, Matthew Huesmann and Dale Richardson, this was a Christian kids' music label that changed to The Huesmann-Peasall Kids' Company in 2014 and Kids' Superstars in 2017.


God Prints (2001) Veggie Tales Sing Alongs (2002-2007) Thingamakid Toons and Treehouse Kids (2006-2007) Turn Up The Fun (2005) Inspirational You by The Fun Factor (2002-2014)


Chris Davis-A producer and songwriter Matt Huesmann-A Producer and Songwriter Dale Richardson-a producer and "singer" ("Faker tot" according to Nashville's radio news reporter Blake Farmer) Dennis Scott-COnductor Robert gay-Singing Conductor Marty Gay-Singing COnductor The Allen Bros-John and Justin The Teeters Sisters-Julie and Ray The Davis Sisters-Assistants to Chris and singers: Addie, Emma, Ellie and Arden The Huesmann Siblings-Matt's assistants and singers: Olivia, Tate and Ivy. The Peasall Sisters-singers: Leah Hannah and Sarah The Richardson kids: Assistants to Dale and singers: Maggie and Jacob The Stewart Sisters: Singers. Anna, Katie, Kelly ad Peggy. The Griffith Brothers: Singers. Rob, Tom and Jay. Shannon Love: Singer for Twin Sisters and Songtime. Lori Casteel: Singer for Songtime and Twin Sisters. The Ebensberger Sisters: Singers. Angie and Abby. The Rogers Siblings: Laurence and Rachel

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