This is a Groovy Girls webisode from the hiatus in 2006.


At a sleepover with the Groovy Girls, Ailene really enjoys the movie the girls picked about twins. The movie gives Ailene a quirky idea. While the other girls are sleeping, Ailene sneaks out to Mod Threadz to buy the same new outfit that O'Ryan packed to wear for tomorrow - she'll wear the same things as O'Ryan, do the same things as her, and virtually be her "twin!"

When O'Ryan wakes up and sees Ailene waking up, brushing her hair, and getting dressed at the same time as her, she is creeped out at first, but when Ailene decides to tell O'Ryan she's "her twin", O'Ryan is ecstatic - she "always wanted a twin!"

Ailene and O'Ryan do all the same things - they head to the diner and both order hot dogs with waffle fries, visit Mod Threadz and buy some jewelry, then take some silly pictures in a mall photo booth.

After a while, Ailene begins to annoy O'Ryan, following her around everywhere and even going a bit cuckoo if she and O'Ryan aren't doing the same thing. They decide being twins was fun while it lasted but they're better off as just good friends.

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