Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, bright red hair
Name meaning Fighter; warrior

Vivica is the Limited Edition Valentine's Day Groovy Girl for 2006.


Vivica is a girl with unnaturally red hair that has light pink streaks and a light pink heart-shaped hair ornament in it. Her hair is in an updo. She wears a simple dress which is mainly red with a bubblegum-pink collar and trim, as well as a light pink feather boa. Also, her tights are light pink with pink hearts. On her feet are red flats with white polka dots. Vivica is carrying a pink chocolate box with a silver ribbon and "Be Mine 2006" on it in red. Red face paint in the shape of a heart is on her cheek, as well.

She comes with her pink poodle, who is on a leash.

Name MeaningEdit

  • German, "fighter; warrior"


  • It is unknown if the poodle and leash can be detached from her hand or not.
  • Her outfit would be reused for Viviana in 2014.

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