"Vorgyo Girls/Groovy Girls Song" was the first song ever sung in the series aside from the theme song. It was sung by O'Ryan at first and later, by the other girls. It is a cappella, seeing as the girls don't play any instruments and there is no background music. It was sung in "Join The Club/Band Together."

It is sung in the key of E flat/D sharp major.


Vorgyo Girls SongEdit

O'Ryan: V to the O to the R to the G to the Y to the O G-I-R-L-S! X2

Vorgyo Girls, Vorgyo Girls, Vorgyo Girls rule! (Repeat, as all the girls except for Reese clap along as O'Ryan dances.)

Reese: (spoken when O'Ryan finishes her song) Are we REALLY gonna be called the "Vorgyo Girls?" I mean, what the heck IS a "Vorgyo?"

Groovy Girls SongEdit

All six: G to the R to the O to the O to the V to the Y G-I-R-L-S! X2

Groovy Girls, Groovy Girls, Groovy Girls rule!

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